Respite Care

Need a break from caring for a loved one with a disability? Easy Care Disabilities provides flexible respite care services to support carers and families. Easy Care Disabilities provides respite care services to support carers and families in providing care to loved ones with disabilities.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Experience greater freedom and independence with our supported independent living service. We provide personalised support and training to help you live your life to the fullest.

Supported Accommodation

Find a place to call home with our supported accommodation service. We offer safe and comfortable living arrangements with personalised support to help you achieve greater independence.

Group Activities

Connect with others and have fun with our group activities. Our program offers a variety of engaging activities to promote socialisation and build new friendships.

Life Skills Development

Unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with our life skills development service. We offer personalised support and training to help you build essential skills for daily living.

Community Participation

Join a vibrant community and participate in a range of engaging and meaningful activities. Our community participation service promotes social inclusion and personal growth.

Translators and Interpreters

We’re breaking down language barriers through our professional translators and interpreters who provide accurate and reliable language services for personal and business needs.

Therapeutic Support

Our therapeutic support service provides compassionate and individualized care to help individuals improve their mental health and well-being.


Get where you need to go with ease and convenience. Our transportation service offers reliable and comfortable rides to help you reach your destination on time.

Daily Activities

Easy Care Disabilities’ Daily Activities Service provides tailored support for individuals with disabilities to assist them in their daily routines and help them live their lives to the fullest.